Learners Inherit the Earth

Learners Inherit the Earth

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer

This quote from the late Eric Hoffer inspires me to be a learner.  It certainly conveys the value of learning and change that organization leaders will do well to heed.  Organizations that don’t value learning and the change that springs from learning will struggle to stay relevant in this fast-paced marketplace.

What can organizations do to foster a culture of learning and change?  Luckily learning doesn’t have to look like training in the 1980’s – having everyone go through flavor of the month training so people speak the same language.  It isn’t like 10 years ago when the model was to use a popular video (whether it fit with the organization culture or not) with a facilitator to help people see how the paradigm from the video should be applied for success. Trainers want to train people; facilitators and coaches help people learn.

Learning today is and should be a mixture of experiences and methods. To gain new awareness or acquire new knowledge elearning is a great tool.  To apply and integrate knowledge, and develop skills, blended learning and real time training, apprenticeships and mentoring are terrific.  Tools like simulations, games and action learning are wonderful for mastering skills and enhancing thinking and problem-solving processes. Mobile learning is brilliant for quick study and job aids that can be used anywhere.

Each of these methods of learning will influence change in the organization and, in turn, allow people to adapt to change.  Practical Leadership is persistent about change because I want to thrive as a business owner and resource for you.  I embrace life-long learning so that I can be a resource and guide my clients in learning processes that make sense for the people in their organizations.

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