Professional Development


Emotional Intelligence

Participants will learn the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence and how it influences their leadership style.

  • Emotional intelligence defined
  • Why we get triggered emotionally
  • The brain and body when we are emotionally ‘hijacked’
  • Employ strategies to be emotionally intelligent

Social Intelligence

Participants learn how to be socially intelligent as leaders and how that generates great relationships with employees and customers.

  • Emotional Intelligence translated outward
  • Managing the interactive world
  • We are hardwired to connect and imitate

Honoring Diversity

Participants gain understanding diversity – challenges and benefits – and how to create an engaging work environment.

  • Diversity and the challenges it presents to leaders
  • Diversity is based in individual passion – internal drivers, values as well as heritage
  • Why diversity is desirable
  • Create a positive work environment that encourages diversity

Creating Work/Life Balance

Participants learn about balance from an energy perspective, then share who they are with a value-based language. This allows for new synergy between managers and employees to achieve greater performance and engagement levels while keeping work/life balance in perspective.

  • Find the energy that drives your desires in both work and life
  • Identify what work/life balance means for each person
  • Achieve work/life engagement with a specific course of action and milestones