Career Transition

Career transitions are challenging – finding a new job, exploring an encore career or stepping into retirement are all big changes. We understand this and have a unique approach to help you find energy and confidence…and most importantly, to do the work of your heart.


Career Bridge

Career Bridge is an seven-week program, and includes six three-hour classes and one 60-minute coaching session. Participants will relieve distressing thoughts, gain self-confidence, affirm individual gifts and skills, and visualize a successful future. Be ready to create that future with a new career!

  • Reduce distress about your job loss and current unemployment status
  • Learn how passion drives what you do and how you show up
  • Begin using affirming language to talk about yourself and your capabilities
  • Assess your past successes to build confidence about your future
  • Build a language that represents who you are and what you intend to do
  • Visualize your future and being successful in job interviews
  • Learn to center your energy and maintain focus on your goals
  • Be present and express your brand in networking and interview situations

There are no scheduled Career Bridge sessions for spring /summer.  Please contact me about scheduling.

Transformational Coaching

People need a safe environment to gain confidence, push through fears and distress, reconfirm their abilities and passion, and build confidence. Ann’s coaching style and unique approach transforms personal intentions; she inspires people to push through fears, express their passion, build rewarding relationships, and define clear professional and personal intentions for a fulfilling life.

“Ann’s supportive, affirming style helped me to see my strengths.” Kerry


Job-Loss Recovery® Program

The Job-Loss Recovery® Program includes guided visualization as the core application for self-healing. The class will provide structure for small group discussions around the guided visualization process (meditations) that help the shift internal voice.

  • Release distressful thoughts about job loss or unplanned career breaks due to personal matters
  • Change your limiting beliefs
  • See yourself as successful in a variety of settings
  • Rehearse successful conversations and job interviews

The Job-Loss Recovery Program® is included in SAMHSA’s (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

“excellent class for mid-career people – This class renewed my confidence to pursue my passions”


A very well organized class! Ann made every minute count.”


“I feel more confident about my skills and abilities, personal image and how I communicate.”


Small Group Coaching

Power-up your Personal Brand

Participants will gain the edge needed to obtain a new job or generate more personal income, influence or inspire others, and build stronger relationships.  Explore how passion drives thoughts and actions, and how to define, own, express and live your individual brand.

  • Honor uniqueness in yourself and others – accept and believe who you are
  • Trust your intuition – develop the confidence to trust your gut
  • Direct your energy to important initiatives – prioritize, focus and commit to succeed
  • Generate powerful results – be the best


Interview Well: Present your Best Self                                                                                                

Participants will learn to be prepared to participate in behavioral interviews. The class will prepare applicants to tell the best stories to showcase their skills.

  • Be prepared for detailed interview questions
  • Prepare and practice stories that illuminate your skills and natural abilities
  • Listen actively to what the interviewer wants to know about you
  • Rehearse your closing comments that relate your abilities to the job