Transformational Coaching

People need a safe environment to gain confidence, push through fears and distress, reconfirm their abilities and passion, and build confidence. Ann’s coaching style and unique approach transforms personal intentions; she inspires people to push through fears, express their passion, build rewarding relationships, and define clear professional and personal intentions for a fulfilling life.

The Core Passion® Quest Consultation is personal and about you! This personal exploration offers a deep interpretation of who you are based on your Core Passion® Assessment and applies this awareness to your life, career and/or business, and relationships. This Quest Consultation takes you on an exploration of where you’ve been and where you want to go. We look at what drives you to do what you do as well as what influences your relationships.

There are many assessments available for people to discover more about themselves. Most are measuring personality – how am I the same or different from others? Or Behavior traits – what do my actions mean? The Core Passion® Assessment measures the frequency of your inner spirit. Your Core Passion® Profile will offers words and language for this inner spirit and prepares you to observe the different aspects of Core Passion® such as the gift and the challenge. Our greatest gift can also be our greatest challenge. I share tools and knowledge, and teach you skills to use this powerful energy force to move you forward and achieve your goals.