Human resources planning & development

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer

I embrace life-long learning. Practical Leadership is persistent about change because I want to thrive  and be a key resource for you.
Ann Anderson, MA, Lead Consultant

About Us


I started Practical Leadership in 1998 after a 20-year career where I specialized in human resources, training and organization development. I am a strategist with passion and skills for building stronger organizations by aligning employees, teams and leaders around smart strategy for optimal results.


Practical Leadership helps organizations with strategic planning, human resource planning, performance management systems and talent development programs. I know that strategy is essential for growth, change is inevitable, and learning can be meaningful, measurable and enjoyable. We make that happen!

I have had wonderful opportunities to work in growing businesses in a variety of roles such as human resource director, human resource partner, performance consultant, vice president of education and employee development, and vice president of human resources and communications. I earned a Bachelor of Individualized Studies from the University of Minnesota and later, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN.

As part of my commitment to the community, I am a Mentor in the MN Organization Development Network Mentoring Program. I am an active member in several professional associations. I am currently on the Board of the SHIFT organization and recently served on the ATD-GTC Board. For several years I was a volunteer career development instructor for WomenVenture, a non-profit career and business development services center. This organization generously recognized my service with their Volunteer of the Year award.


Karen Lund brings expertise as the productivity and profitability strategist. Using her 30 years experience, she works with organizations that want to grow and with CEO’S and business leaders that want more effective methods of increasing and measuring performance. Her experience with an international consulting firm offered her opportunities to take on positions of Project Management, Director of Training and Vice President of Operations for the Australian Unit. Karen has completed consulting projects in over 100 industries in both the United States and the Pacific Rim. Through group facilitation, interactive training, coaching, team building and hands-on work within an organization, Karen is able to assist companies in increasing and enhancing productivity and performance.

Lori Palm is the CEO of Core Passion Inc. A life-long entrepreneur, Lori is a modern-day muse inspiring passion, purpose and possibilities to fuel success for individuals, business owners, and organizations. Her professional services firm focuses on communication, branding, and professional as well as business development. In 2003, Lori created the Core Passion® Assessment. This groundbreaking, validated, on-line self-assessment is used to discover the essence of the inner driving forces that drive everything you do. Discovering and igniting passion results in maximized human capital, enhanced interpersonal communication, raised productivity and increased business value.