Improve Productivity and Performance


To impact the productivity of a manufacturing organization it is necessary to design and implement a learning process that will continually upgrade and enhance the knowledge, skills and performance of the individuals within that organization.

Our Applied LearningSM Process allows your staff to continually grow, improve their skills and adapt to new products, equipment and processes with confidence. Our Applied LearningSM Process offers the opportunity for managers and supervisors to engage in training and develop rapport with staff. Develop the best training process to enhance the skills and abilities of your staff.


We have a proven Apprenticeship FrameworkSM to organize skills training for any job into a standard format. This allows your supervisor or trainer, using the Applied LearningSM Process, to effectively take a qualified apprentice through all training and coaching to certify desired performance. Train new staff on required job skills quickly, efficiently and successfully.

The Apprenticeship FrameworkSM includes:

  • Assess candidate abilities
  • Detail steps to acquire needed knowledge
  • Employ the Applied LearningSM Process
  • Use of detailed work instructions
  • On-going Assessment of abilities
  • Job aids to strengthen performance
  • Certification of performance

Our Pivotal Training Programs allow employees and leaders to pursue their potential, develop meaningful relationships and enhance how they contribute to the goals and productivity of the organization. You can select one of our pivotal programs, such as The Leap to Leadership, Applied Coaching Skills or Collaborative Teams, or have us design a program specifically to meet your needs. Prepare today’s staff for tomorrow.